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5 Soju Games You MUST Know!

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

descendants of the sun soju

When having a good time with friends over soju, games are usually a must! Games and soju are undeniably linked as the Korean drinking culture - There are plenty of creative drinking games available to complement your experience of drinking soju.

Flick the Strip

Drinking games

Credits: The Smart Local

At the bottom of every soju bottle cap is a metal strip that protrudes outward when the cap is removed. Twist the metal strip until it’s close to falling off, then everyone takes turns to flick the strip. The person who manages to flick it off drinks a shot as a punishment!

Alternatively, the person who was successful at flicking the strip off can be the winner while the rest of the participants take a shot each.


soju drinking games

Credits: The Smart Local

Unbeknownst to many, a number is imprinted onto the underside of the soju bottle cap. One person of the group should be selected as the designated gamemaster. The gamemaster is then given the opportunity to take a peek at this number. E.g 46

The gamemaster will then proceed to give the group a range of numbers (e.g 1-100). Each time a person chooses a number (e.g 77), the gamemaster will make the range of numbers smaller and smaller (e.g now it’s 1-77). This happens until one person lands on the number in the bottle cap (46). This person will then have to take x number of shots as decided by the group.


Soju Titanic

Fill a glass cup halfway with beer and place a soju shot glass inside - make sure the shot glass floats. Fill the shot glass with a little soju and proceed to take turns pouring more soju in. The person who causes the shot glass of soju to sink into the beer will have to drink the beer/soju blend.

Sense Game aka Noonchi (눈치) Game

Soju party games

Everyone in the group has to take turns standing up and saying a number in ascending order from “1”. If there are 6 people in the group, each person will try to avoid standing at the same time as another person, as the group shouts out a number from 1-6.

If 2 or more people stand at the same time and shout out the same number, they take a shot.

Babo Game 바보 게임


Babo (바보) is a common slang and a friendly way to say “fool” in Korean. Friends often refer to each other this way and it is usually not intended to offend. In this game, players take turns saying a number from 1 to 5 while showing a different number with their hand. The first person who messes up by saying the same number as what they’re holding up has to drink.


Other group bonding games like 7-up, 007, beer pong and more can be adapted for soju too.

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