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All The Best Soju Pairings You’ll Ever Need

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Best Soju Food Pairing

Picture credits: Yeongsik Im/Shutterstock

We all know that feeling when you’re sipping (or downing by choice) alcohol and your stomachs start growling for some heartening foods or snacks (Korean Anju). So before you get your soju heebie-jeebies going on, here are some of the absolute best foods to go with your soju appetite.

Korean BBQ (duh!)

Also known as ‘Samgyupsal’, juicy savoury meats are possibly the best food pairing for a bittersweet drink like soju. All the grease from grilled pork belly slices will help with slowing down alcohol absorption — great for those who can’t really hold their alcohol. Just think: growing piles of yummy grilled goodness from a KBBQ buffet, and finishing every few perfect bites with a refreshing gulp of soju...are you sold yet?

Nuts, Fruits and The Likes

Know of “beer and nuts” in the US? Well, it’s pretty much the same for Koreans. Salty snacks like pretzels are claimed to help absorb the alcohol. Dried or fresh fruits are also common foods served to complement soju cocktails. Basically, anything that’s salty or sweet — not hard to get before your date with soju shots.

One popular anju would be shredded dried squid — it helps wake your palette up, especially from shots of Soju! This salty little snack was featured in a memorable scene from K-drama ‘Encounter’.

Greasy, Savoury Bites

For a richer bite, there’s also a wide range from seasoned pig’s trotters (jokbal), Korean pancakes to grilled shellfish. Seafood lovers, trust us when we say that grilled clams are truly the perfect complement to Soju, especially if you’re having these treasures by the sea!

You could also try your tastebuds with pickled radishes, which is usually served with fried chicken in Korea (or maybe just the fried chicken will do!). It was featured as Yoo In Na’s favourite anju in Goblin.

Instant ramyeon noodles

Out of all the tasty food pairings, this one’s definitely the easiest to get your hands on, 24/7! You can find both items, instant ramen and soju, at almost all supermarkets or convenience stores. The saltiness of ramyeon soup serves as a flavourful chaser for soju — ideal for a little stay-in soju treat day!

Next time you’re thinking of having a bottle or two of soju, don’t forget to also think about what foods or side dishes you’ll be wolfing down alongside!

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