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How to Soju, the Korean way!

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Honey Soju

Also known as Korea’s vodka, this delicious fermented alcohol is normally served in metal kettles, comes in an exciting variety of flavours, and is drunk almost everywhere! Though, have you ever wondered if there’s a legitimate method or way of Soju drinking?

Pairing with Foods

Korean BBQ

We all know that “Soju Bars” is pretty much a trend everywhere else but Korea. That’s because they don’t exist in Korea -- it’s called restaurants there. In Korea’s culture, alcohol isn’t consumed without food. You’re not going to find anyone drowning their sorrows with just bottles of Soju all alone (well, it should be fine if you’re home). Plus points of having Soju when eating? You’ll be receiving a lot more respect from Koreans.

Soju Rules (pun intended)

refreshing beverage

As much as we’d love to down drinks without much of a care to anything, it’s best to recognise certain rules of Soju!

  1. You can’t serve yourself.

  2. Somebody that’s older/more senior must serve you.

  3. You are expected to hold your glass with both hands when being served.

  4. Your first-served shot has to be downed in one.

These could be seen as superstitions to some, but observing such cultural ‘rules’ would hurt nobody. As they would say, better safe than sorry!

The More the Merrier!

Festival party

Last but not least, what’s better than sharing this part of Korea’s culture with your loved ones?

Step One: Get your family gatherings to be at Korean BBQ restaurants or initiate a Soju-meetup with your buddies.

Step Two: Go wild with Soju games!

Step Three: Appreciate tasting Soju with various food pairings.

Step Four: Repeat!

Now you’ve got all the basic Soju guidelines down, to that, we say onward to the next Soju session. Happy Soju-ing!

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