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Soju Bottles, Repurposed!

Soju bottles are iconic in today’s popular culture - clear and bright green, it symbolizes the go-to drink for many young people today. But what do we do with all the Soju bottles when we’re done? Those bright green glass bottles can make for very aesthetic craft projects!

1. Flower Vase

jinro soju

Picture credits: Pinterest - Lilian Mar

Glass vases are a classic. You may choose to paint over the glossy green bottle, or leave it as it is. Simply peel off the Soju label to get your plain glass vase! If you like bright colours in your home, this project might be for you. Bright colours in your home could also lift your spirits, and would make the perfect gift for your loved ones.

2. Soap Bottle

Jack Daniels

Picture credits:

Transform an old Soju bottle into a soap bottle by attaching a dispenser or a spray top to it! With the dispenser attached, the glass bottle could be used for any liquid like dish soap, lotions, hand soap and more. If you want to personalize the bottle, glass etching, paint or adhesive letters should do the trick.

3.Night light

Coca cola nightlight

Afraid of bumping into things at night? Then clear Soju bottles would be the perfect solution! Simply drop a couple of glow-in-the-dark sticks (or stickers) into the bottle and it will glow green at night. Light up your way with fun!

4. Message in a Bottle

Who said writing letters is out of style? Handwritten letters are one of the most heartfelt things you could give someone. Write some letters to your loved ones and put it into the glass bottle. You can make it prettier with extra drawings or paint, place some flowers inside, or even a scent bag!

gulp gulp honey soju

5. Display artwork

repurposed alcohol bottles

Welcome mats are so last year. Why not spice things up with some welcome bottles? If that’s too long a word, a simple home greeting is always beautiful.

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