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Why Should You be Drinking Soju Daily!

Updated: Oct 29, 2020

Soju Cheers!

Soju is a sweet alcoholic beverage, well-loved by Koreans - regardless of age - and is an integral part of their culture. Soju is always expected at social events and is especially common in work events and after-work dinners or parties. They are affordable, easily accessible, and refreshing. Besides being a crucial social lubricant for strangers, friends, and co-workers, Soju has a surprisingly positive health benefit, as well as other delightful perks!

Reduced Risk Of Stroke

It is known that having moderate amounts of alcohol can lead to better health. A team of researchers from Seoul National University Hospital found that drinking 3-4 glasses of Soju a day reduces the risk of having a stroke (cerebral infarction) by almost 50%. When playing the long game, it doesn’t hurt to have a cup of soju a day!

Great Accompaniment to Food


Soju, with its many refreshing flavours, enhances the taste of many cuisines, especially hearty meals to be shared with loved ones. Soju’s sharpness cuts through the oil and juiciness of steaks and Korean barbeque, making it the perfect palate cleanser and drink for heavy meals. Soju also comes in many fun flavours such as honey, giving each mouth a sweet respite from savoury foods. Some of the foods that go well with soju include:

  • Steaks

  • Korean barbecue meats, pancakes, noodles, kimchi

  • Burgers

  • Spicy foods

  • Chicken wings and other finger food

  • Hotpot

  • Seafood

Date Night

Romantic date night

Soju is also a perfect date-night drink! Loosen up with a taste of invigorating honey soju and experience an exhilarating rush while you and your partner enjoy each other’s company. The natural blush (AKA Asian flush) seen on many women while enjoying soju in popular K-dramas like “Strong Woman Do Bong-soon” is caused by alcohol. Look cute blushing, and feel confident, all with the help of one drink!


Of course, it’s important to note that the over-consumption of alcohol could lead to addiction and alcohol-related health problems such as chronic liver issues, some of which results in death. The key to enjoying Soju and maximizing its benefits is to drink it in moderation and listen to your body!

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