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Why Young People LOVE Soju!

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

You’ve definitely seen this before:

Descendants of the Sun Soju

Picture credits: Descendants of the Sun

A couple of friends sitting around, downing shot glasses of Soju paired with fried chicken or other South Korean street snacks.

This scene has been popularized by many trendy K-dramas such as “Jealousy Incarnate”, “Fight For My Way”, “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon”, and “Goblin”

Fight for my way soju

Picture credits: Fight For My Way

Even the critically acclaimed “Parasite” cannot ignore this part of Korean culture.

parasite soju

Young people LOVE Soju, and not just because of the Hallyu wave or pop culture.


Soju is an incredibly versatile drink. Wines go best with a romantic meal or a formal event, beers are associated with relaxation, and hard liquor has historically been used for parties and getting drunk. But Soju can go with any meal, at any event, with any number of people, and everyone can participate in the fun.


As shown in many Korean dramas, Soju packs a punch with 20-24% alcohol by volume, which is higher than most alcoholic drinks like wine or beer, but less inebriating than hard liquor like Vodka. Besides being a great social lubricant because of its potency, Soju is also effective in taking the drinker’s mind off stressors, making it an extremely popular drink to unwind with, especially among younger generations who have been hit the hardest by unprecedented social issues.

Creative Fun

Soju is an excellent companion for creative drinking games, even utilizing small features of the bottle and cups.

Aside from the games and group bonding activities, Soju can easily be mixed with different commonly-found drinks to make a quick cocktail! Making your own cocktail gives you more flexibility and more room to experiment with different combinations and ratios.


The iconic Soju bottle is bright green with a clear liquid inside. It looks simple, but Soju is anything but simple. Soju comes in a huge variety of flavours, from refreshing citrus flavours to combat the summer heat, to sweet flavours to pair with juicy Korean barbeque meats. Gulp Gulp offers Honey-flavoured Soju, providing a light honey taste that seeps through the alcohol.

Young people love fun and experimenting with food, and Soju encapsulates all that in one powerful drink. How can we not love Soju?

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